Founded in 2010, Fonda is a professional smart outdoor lighting controlling system and related products provider. Fonda has been pioneering the research and development to create the ultimate product & platform for smart lighting control, reducing energy consumption and operating costs. Its monitoring system SCCS is quite powerful which not only integrates the wireless remote control for street, roadway and area lighting together with intelligent Pole-the gateway to smart city, but also opens to various applications of smart city, such as smart parking, smart waste management, smart traffic and so on.

NO.1 Smart Lighting Controlling System and Controller Brand in China

Comprehensive solutions including: PLC, RF Mesh, GPRS, RS485, LoRa and NB-IoT.

Unique User-friendly Monitoring Software: SCCS

Gateway to Smart City: Intelligent Lighting Pole

Multi Large-scale Projects Worldwide

Advanced R&D and 7*24 hours Service Supporting