Fonda released smart data box series in Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2020

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Update time : 2020-10-12 14:56:41
With the gradual recovery of the economy and the stable control of the COVID-19 pandemic, on October 10, 2020, the 4-day Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition kicked off in Guangzhou China. There are 2,158 exhibitors from 8 countries and regions in 19 exhibition halls. Many lighting companies got together and brought new possibilities and opportunities to the industry with innovative lighting products and cutting edge R&D technologies.
The theme of this year's exhibition is "Together". It is expected that the exhibition will work together with the lighting industry players for a common belief, strive and gather strength for a more bright future of the LED lighting industry and more business opportunities.
Fonda Tech exhibited smart poles, smart data box series, facade lighting systems, smart street lighting solutions and etc., in Booth A11 of Hall 3.1.

This is the first debut of Fonda Data Box in the show. Fonda smart data box manages the data connection between external devices and the central platform as the heart of the smart pole. With various kinds of data interfaces and protocols built in the box, the installation and maintenance work will be much simpler, and the data connection will be more stable and environment resistant.

The FondaCity platform based on smart light poles supports the access of smart devices which are essential for the smart city. Smart light poles integrate multiple smart devices and innovative applications, including 5G micro base stations, smart lighting, WiFi hotspots, environmental monitoring, surveillance and road smart monitoring, information release, visual alarm for an emergency, charging piles of the electric vehicle, vehicle monitoring modules, etc., to improve the level of citizen safety and management of the city.
There are also classical and new smart street light solutions are shown with the demo, such as NB-IoT solution, LoRa-Mesh solution, LTE (4G) solution, PLC solutions, Solar solutions.

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