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Smart City Platform
City Digitalization needs the stand-alone infrastructures to be connected, recorded and monitored in a central command center with big data collecting and processing, IoT and cloud computing technology. FondaCity is a smart city platform based on streetlight and scalable to other public infrastructures, which has a wide coverage overall the city.
Lighting fixtures could be located in the dynamic 2D/satellite map based on the actual GPS position, which provides hawkeye view to the operator and decision marker with geographical environment.


The lamps, breakers and other smart devices are able to run lighting tasks based on time, calender, sunrise/sunset and lux level with pre-defined groups.


Report of energy consumption is displayed by day, month, and year, and the detailed power data could be checked in lamp and circuit level. The lighting rate and energy-saving rate provides the overview information of the operational status.


By the terminal’s automatic reporting and the host computer’s monitoring, abnormal can be reported in real time. By setting the alarm parameters, the alarms can be classified into different levels, and the various alarm notification let you know the fault information anytime and anywhere. 

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