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Smart Lighting Platform

SCCS is a cloud-based solution with advanced communication and easy integration with existing installations, can monitor individual luminaries up to millions of lamp nodes. It facilitates reduction in power consumption, CO2, emission and light pollution and moreover and optimized maintenance planning.

fonda smart streelight cloud based control system
1. Multi-Functional

SCCS platform is designed to manage and control the power cabinets and street lights with different communication technology, including street lighting control by PLC, RS485, Zigbee, LoRaWAN, RF Mesh and NB-IoT. It also provides different smart lighting applications for street lighting, facade lighting, solar lighting, tunnel lighting and smart poles. Map based visualization, real-time and total energy report and malfunction alarm helps to make decisions in time and reduce operational cost significantly. 

2. User-Friendly

The SCCS has been upgraded for dozens of times in the past 9 years, making it more user-friendly and efficient. The users can remotely control every lamp in the desktop, tablet PC or smart phone application. Based on our project experience worldwide, multi-language version system enables you have a quick-start after deployment.   

3. Flexible

The advanced structure design of SCCS allows almost unlimited quantity of lamp controllers in the cloud-based server, suitable for any size of cities. The SCCS provides different interfaces for hardware and software from third party, and customization to your specific needs. 

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