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Street Lighting Case
Smart Lighting Project in Spain
17,000 pcs of Fonda lamp controllers have been deployed on street lights of Jaen in Spain. With Fonda's smart lighting control system, lighting fixtures could be managed and controlled remotely. Safety and reliability of street lighting systems were impro
The 1st smart expressway in Shaoxing officially launched
On March 19, 2022, the 1st smart expressway in Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province - Yuyue Expressway was officially launched. The project is a key project for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games and an important part of the Shaoxing Smart traffic network.
Large-scale NB-IoT smart lighting project in Ma’anshan
A large-scale smart lighting project based on NB-IOT Internet of Things was successfully launched in Maanshan, Anhui province of China.
City Lighting Automation in Riyadh
Riyadh upgraded 61,000 HPS street lamps with a smart street lighting system to reduce energy consumption, and make the maintenance simple and cost-effective, rewarded “Global Top 100 Semiconductor Lighting Demonstration Projects” in 2019.
Smart City Project in Jakarta
In 2014, Jakarta launched the blueprint for a smart city, moving towards a low-carbon, intelligent modern city. With Fonda's SCCS platform,the alarm notification can be dispatched immediately to the city worker to save electricity bills and labor cost.
Smart Lighting of Jiaxing City-Support by Fonda
Launched in 2015 , led by Jiaxing Government, transformed sodium lamps LED lamps with smart lighting control system, the largest lamp retrofit project in China, rewarded “Global Top 100 Semiconductor Lighting Demonstration Projects” in 2018.
Smart Lighting Project in Cambodia
On March 2017, the Chinese company Fonda Technologies helps the Cambodian government to achieve the goal of energy-saving as well as CO2 emission reduction.This project will become the card of Siem Reap city and one of national demonstration projects.
Smart City Transformation Story of Yinchuan
Fonda platform combines the 3D map to locate the lamps and nodes in the latest map, so that in the future, smart lighting will be used as an application of digital city management to assist various departments to share the daily management efficiently.
Luzetai viaduct Lighting project
On December 28, 2020, the Luzetai viaduct with Fonda smart lighting solution was successfully powered on. The viaduct uses 3485 smart nodes and 44 sets of concentrators.
Smart tunnel lighting solution in Thailand
In Bangkok Thailand, a beautiful tunnel equipped with Fonda smart tunnel lighting control system has just been put into use and is currently in good condition.
Ruili Smart lighting Project
In Ruili, 15,000 NEMA lamp controllers were installed on the urban and rural street lights of Ruili City, combined with Fonda’s intelligent lighting control system to provide various remote control on the lighting fixture.
HangXinJing Highway Tunnel Project in Hangzhou
Fonda's RS485 solution solved the ''black hole''and ''white hole''problem with customized light dimming for different part of the tunnel, reduced power consumption up to 43% for Hangxinjing Tunnel.
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