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From 13 April to 16 April 2019, Hangzhou City Brain group was invited to participate in the International ICT Expo in Hong Kong. This is the first time the City Brain has appeared on the stage of a block buster international exhibition. City Brain will be introduced to the world through the international window of Hong Kong. The chief executive of Hong Kong Carrie Lam attended the opening ceremony of the summit.

As an outstanding digital economy enterprise in Zhejiang province, Fonda Technologies Co., Ltd was invited to participate in the summit and demonstrate the important technology of City Brain– Smart Pole.

By making use of the team's overseas abundant experience and the company's practical experience in overseas projects, Fonda is realizing the transformation from "going out" of products to" going in" of industries, and Fonda have taken important steps in resource allocation, production distribution and market network globalization.
Taking advantage of the "The Belt and Road" strategic opportunity, Fonda has carried out project cooperation with many "The Belt and One Road" major cooperative countries including Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Uzbekistan, Slovakia, Israel and Iran…and will develop smart city concept and construction in these countries.

Overseas Cases as follows:
1. 60,000 lamp controllers in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

2. 80,000 lamp controllers in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta


According to the demand of pedestrians and vehicle flow, City lighting is controlled by time and area. This will enable the digitization of City monitoring management, planning management, engineering management, and maintenance management to meet the growing needs of City management.
3. Smart city project in Siem Reap of Cambodia



This project is the city card of Siem reap, Cambodia, and is also a national demonstration mark. Through establishing the integrated management function of intelligent traffic and monitoring system, and finally the smart city management will be realized.



4. 4,000 lamp controllers in Melbourne Australia
Intelligent lighting control platform is used for remote management and control of street lamps, by assembling vehicle monitoring module, environmental monitoring module and information release module on the light pole, by building smart city Internet of things information platform, and thereby improving traffic safety coefficient, situations in bad weather, coordinating vehicle driving, avoiding emergency situations and optimizing travel and other functions.


5. Smart Pole in China
Fonda smart light pole is a multi-functional light pole integrated with charging pile, advertising screen, video monitoring, WiFi base station, and weather station. Smart street lights are the base of building public cloud computing data centers. Intelligent traffic, traffic flow monitoring, intelligent parking, video monitoring, pollution monitoring, public service rapid rescue…Public Cloud Computing Data Center can break the original segmentation of City functional systems eliminate the repeated construction of resources, improve the utilization rate of resources, and reaching goal of sharing information.


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