SCCS was awarded the first prize

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Update time : 2017-07-02 17:14:00
The SCCS(smart lighting cloud-based control system) as a cloud-based smart management platform was awarded "China ( Zhejiang ) 2016 outstanding new products, new technologies and new materials" prize. China Intelligent Lighting by Chen Yansheng, director of the Association for the award.
The Smart Lighting Control system combines resource management, energy consumption management and operation monitoring, by adopting advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, geographic information, and wireless communication. It can significantly improve the level of urban lighting management, and also provide powerful and practical tools for the lighting control and planning. As an important part of a smart city, it integrates multiple functions such as smart lighting, environmental monitoring, information publishing, emergency alarm, micro base station, electric vehicle charging pile, and intelligent transportation, etc.
The system will automatically generate multiple energy reports into different diagrams, curves and forms, which can be shown by day, week, month or year. When abnormal conditions occur, it will generate alarms to inform users about the conditions to get timely measurement. It is worth mentioning that the GIS module provides a real-time and visual geographic information service based on the actual geographic information and lighting installation of the project. The dynamic map could swift between 2D map and satellite map. It shows the geographic environment around every monitoring point, enables free mapping scale and real-time monitoring of the operation status of lighting devices.
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