Fonda Won the Silver Medal of the 2017 World IoT Expo

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Update time : 2017-09-15 15:24:00
Fonda won the silver medal of the 2017 World IoT Exposition on the IoT Summit hold in Wuxi, China, from September 10th to 13th. The summit was the largest and highest level of national exposition about "The Internet of Things”.

The exposition was organized by the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Science & Technology and the Government of Jiangsu Province. The theme is "IoT Connecting the World, Create a Better Future". Fonda IoT platform is based on NB-IoT (cloud software platform) and integrated multifunctional lighting pole. The integrated multi-functional lamp pole adopts flexible networking, high performance, open architecture and LTE/NB-IoT/LoRa modular networking program which support WiFi Transmitter, Mini-weather Station, Surveillance Camera, EV-Charging Pile, One-button Emergency, LED display together with LED Luminaries.
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