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Smart Lighting Project in Cambodia
The economy of China has leaped to the world's second. At the same time, Chinese enterprises are also playing a more and more important role in the world, like Haier and Lenovo are standing for the new image of Chinese enterprises. Whereas, other Chinese technical giants are standing out from their international competitors as well, using their innovational technique such as Huawei, ZTE, Trinity, and so on.   

In March 2017, the Chinese company Fonda Technologies stepped into Cambodia, to help the Cambodian government to achieve the goal of energy-saving as well as CO2 emission reduction. As a result, this project will become the card of Siem Reap city and one of the national demonstration projects. FONDA technologies have also become the representative of Chinese enterprises to enter overseas markets.

1. Advanced lighting technology helps Cambodia to save a lot of energy expenses

Cambodia is a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, whose economy is mainly relying on agriculture, and the industrial base is weak and poor. There was a power shortage nationwide, but the traditional street lamp has considerable power consumption and energy loss and was hard to maintain with high labor costs. Annual expenses are up to 200 million.

With an intelligent lighting management system, the first step, retrofits the original conventional lighting source of High-pressure sodium to LED street lamps working with the intelligent lighting control system, to monitor and manage street lights remotely. Under the agreement of smart street lighting requirements, FONDA technologies are responsible for carrying out maintenance, operation, and management for a certain period. 

2. SCCS opening system builds up the Internet of Things platform for Cambodia.

FONDA technologies not only retrofit the conventional street lights but also established a powerful IoT platform for Cambodia.
First, the database of Fonda SCCS(smart lighting cloud-based control system) adopted the infrastructure of the Hadoop cloud platform, making it available for access from anywhere with little server maintenance.  The layered and distributed architecture design of the system can extend the capacity for a super city, and release up to concurrent access for billions of node connection.


Second, with compatible protocol, Fonda SCCS can comply with any kind of communication device including NB-IoT, LoRa, and other low power wide area network, 2G/3G/4G telecomm. What’s more, it can be seamlessly integrated with third-party software. FONDA technologies are the first company to apply the NB-IoT at smart lighting control platform, which is leading the industry in China.

Finally, the potential security weaknesses of the Internet of things are well known, which the whole industry is also eager to solve the problem. Fonda technologies SCCS urban lighting monitoring and management cloud system has a variety of system security policy to ensure the safe and stable operation of the software and supports a variety of large databases and database clusters, data automatic backup.

Fonda has dozens of successful project experience at home and abroad. The project in Cambodia is one step in keeping line with the policy of “one road, one belt” raised by President Xi. With plenty of overseas projects experience, Fonda solutions implemented almost all the countries and regions involved in the area of “one belt, one road”. In the future, Fonda will continue to promote the construction of smart cities in Singapore, India, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, and so on.

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