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Facade Lighting Case
HangZhou G20 Facade Lighting Project
In order to show the world the development of China and the charm of Hangzhou during the G20 in 2016, dozens of skyscrapers have been equipped with LED light strips on the facades, and the patterns can be displayed uniformly across the buildings. In the evening lighting show, the buildings are like dancing actors, showing huge and amazing pictures accompanied by the rhythm of the lights.

To support the Hangzhou G20 façade lighting project, Fonda provided remote control solution with monitoring the operation of the lighting system, collecting status data, the alarm on the faults, automatic swift of lighting scenes. More than 600 cabinets with controls, more than 300 cabinets with facade smart gateways, 300 sets of anti-theft equipment, were installed to unify the former facade lighting projects in four administrative districts to one management platform, which achieved one-button control. On the big screen, it shows the map with camera location and the real-time live stream from on-site.

Project features:
1.Different subject control different levels to meet different lighting needs.
2.The system calibrates time every day to achieve uniformity of lighting switch.
3. Edit the subject according to the different areas or types, set the lighting strategy, achieve the uniformity of lighting.

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