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Facade Lighting Case
Smart Facade Lighting Project in Sanya
Sanya, located in Hainan island of China, is an international tourist city with tropical coastal scenery.

The Lighting of Commercial Building in Sanya had messy colors, was "dancing separately" and not "smart". The government carried out planning for urban night lighting, focusing on the use of lighting solutions for the Sanya Bay landscape belt, the "Two Rivers and Four Banks" landscape belt, urban arterial roads, and important buildings, to solve the overall color coordination of the main buildings and strengthen the integrity of city night scene.

Fonda provided remote control solutions for the Sanya façade lighting project as the central management system provider. The street lighting, building lighting, and facade lighting control are all done by the unified platform and monitoring center. There were more than 800 buildings in the facade lighting sections.


Main features of the project:
1. 4G module with short time delay.
2. Switches could be grouped freely into different groups.
3. The groups could be assigned with different lighting programs.
4. Real-time monitoring on the signal strength and packet loss.

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