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Smart Pole Case
Nanyuan Smart Pole Project in Hangzhou
Nanyuan district is the emerging city of Hangzhou which had developed from small to large, from village to town, from town to city. In order to build a smart housekeeping platform, Nanyuan Block has adopted applications such as smart manhole covers, smart street lights, smart trash cans, smart public toilets, river monitoring, and intelligent identification of illegal parking through video surveillance, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things technology to improve the level of urban management services.

Fonda provided an overall solution for smart poles in this project, including IoT data collection, smart street lighting, wireless WIFI coverage, video monitoring, emergency alarm for help, environment monitoring, information release in LED display, Charging pile, reserved port for 5G micro base station. These data are connected through the central management command center, which can realize the 24-hour automatic supervision of urban infrastructure and assign to responsible departments. The data collected by the system can also be connected to the "City Brain" system later to provide basic data for scientific and smart city management.
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