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Facade Lighting Case
Fuzhou Smart Control System on Night Scene Lighting
Fuzhou is the capital of Fujian Province and one of the central cities in the economic zone of China, with a population of 7.8 million. The Fuzhou night scene lighting project takes "city as the center, river as the link, and mountains as the background" to build Fuzhou into a three-dimensional, multi-layered and charming city.
More than 600 cabinets with controls, more than 300 cabinets with facade smart gateways, 300 sets of anti-theft equipment, unified former night scene lighting projects in the four districts to one management platform to achieve one-button control.

The data concentrator of each building is connected to the central control server through 4G wireless network and can be controlled by overall, group, and single-unit level, enabling unified playback control of the dynamic effects of each building. The real-time detection of the power distribution by the central system realizes the monitoring of the operation status of multiple types of equipment. On the big screen, it shows the map with camera location and the real-time live stream from on-site.  The customized lighting modes, including late-night mode, a general model for winter and summertime, holiday mode, and weekend mode could be automatically swift on demand to save energy consumption.

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