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Smart City Transformation Story of Yinchuan
Recently, a British market research organization Juniper Research released a list of "Top 20 Smart Cities in the World". In the list, the intelligence of cities was comprehensively evaluated from four aspects: travel, medical care, public safety, and efficiency. It also revealed that these cities have provided a positive impact on saving time, improving work efficiency, improving health, improving the quality of life, and a safe environment. Among them, three cities in China were on the list, Wuxi, Yinchuan, and Hangzhou.

Yinchuan is the capital of the Ningxia Autonomous Region. Located on the Yellow River, it was once the capital of the Western Xia Empire. Currently, the city has a population of 2.3 million.

55,000 high-pressure sodium lamps with long service life and high energy consumption in Yinchuan were replaced with LED lights, the road lighting control system was upgraded to the smart lighting management system. As one of the biggest EMC projects in China, every lamp is automatically running very specific tasks for energy saving as per the flow of car and pedestrians.
Based on the realization of secondary energy saving. According to actual operation and theoretical calculation, the annual electricity consumption is saved by 36.3 million kWh, the electricity-saving rate exceeds 60% by LED and dimming.
Street lighting is an important urban infrastructure, and its intelligence and data are particularly important for solving the problem of "isolated information" in smart cities. The smart lighting control platform developed by Fonda Tech perfectly solves the problem of "isolated information " in smart cities.
Fonda platform combines the 3D map to locate the lamps and nodes in the latest map, integrates various applications, including Geographic information, asset management, engineering management, smart transportation, video surveillance, monitoring and alarm, vehicle GPS positioning management, and dispatching systems. It also reserved the interface for the digital information center, so that in the future, smart lighting will be used as an application of digital city management to assist various departments to share the daily events and management efficiently.

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