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Street Lighting Case
Ruili Smart lighting Project
Ruili, located in the west of Yunnan Province, is adjacent to Muse, a national port city in Myanmar, with a total population of more than 200,000. Ruili is one of China's outstanding tourist cities and the first stop of the China-Myanmar oil and gas pipeline entering China.
Ruili City has been focusing on urban infrastructure and ecological environment construction in recent years. 15,000 NEMA lamp controllers were installed on the urban and rural street lights of Ruili City, combined with Fonda’s intelligent lighting control system to provide various remote control on the lighting fixture. The trouble-free and intelligent control through computer or mobile improved safety and reliability of the street lighting system and fully optimized management of urban lighting.

1. High efficiency and energy saving
The intelligent lighting control system can automatically adjust the brightness of public lighting according to road traffic conditions and lighting conditions, which not only ensures that the lighting brightness meets the standards of public lighting but also avoids light pollution. The energy-saving rate of adaptive dimming is more than 40% under normal circumstances and can reach 80% in some environments.
2. Extend lamp life
The intelligent lighting control system realizes on-demand lighting, which can reduce the working time and load of the lamps and extend the life of the lamps. For LED lamps, the working life can be extended up to 30%.
3. Reduce maintenance costs
The intelligent lighting control system supports remote control, remote measurement, remote notification, remote monitoring, and remote commissioning of the public lighting fixtures. The traditional human inspection is transformed into a proactive alarm from the system, which improves the quality and efficiency of daily operation and maintenance of street lights, and reduces the labor cost and vehicle cost of inspection by more than 50%. A city with 10,000 streetlights can save about 1 million RMB on street lights inspection every year.
4. Improve management
The intelligent lighting control system supports lamp level energy reports and asset management, providing scientific analysis of the operating data to assist decision-making. The alarm function can quickly notify maintenance personnel with fault location, shorten the malfunction cycle and improve the lighting rate of public lighting.

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