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Street Lighting Case
Smart Lighting of Jiaxing City-Support by Fonda
Jiaxing is a tourist city with characteristics of a Chinese water town, with more than 4 million residents. It is near to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Ningbo, and other cities, playing as the hub of Shanghai-Hangzhou and Suzhou-Hangzhou traffic.
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The majority of road lighting control in Jiaxing adopted traditional time control or photocell control. As the pace of urbanization continues to accelerate, the number of roads and street lights is increasing. The requirement for residents’ road safety, operating convenience, energy conservation, and environmental protection is increasing, while the traditional road lighting has huge energy waste, high failure rates, and high management costs. At the same time, under the boom of smart city construction, it becomes an important issue for the governors that how to use street lamp resources to realize the intensive and intelligent operation and management, reduce the financial burden of the city, and solve the increasingly serious urban diseases.

On Jan 5th, 2016, the smart lighting projects of Jiaxing City started their first phase installation and completed on Nov 30th, 2016. Fonda Technology had installed 14,989 pieces of lamp controllers and 283 pieces of data concentrators together with its smarting control system SCCS. All the products and systems worked quite well and started to save energy and carbon emissions by dimming and scheduled lighting remotely. Fonda did a good job of cultivating a teamwork-oriented atmosphere and worked well with the engineering team to find solutions for problems and overcome numerous challenges during the installation.

“We are a state-owned company under the supervision of Pubic Road Department of Jiaxing Municipal Bureau, and be responsible for the construction, management, maintenance of 650,000 pieces of street lights which cover the whole Jiaxing city. With a smart lighting control system, the maintenance work is simpler and the asset management got transparency.”

“We are quite happy to continue to work with Fonda on the second phase of smart lighting projects in Jiaxing, which is around 24112 lamps project with controllers and smart control system. “

 “It is great to cooperate with Fonda Team, they are an excellent solution partner of your smart control system. “ Said Mr. Feng Shiliang, the General Manager of Jiaxing Heng Xin Street Lamps Co., LTD

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