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Large-scale NB-IoT smart lighting project in Ma’anshan
Recently, a large-scale smart lighting project based on NB-IOT Internet of Things was successfully launched in Maanshan, Anhui province of China. As the solution provider, Fonda built a smart streetlighting system with its central management platform and IoT controllers through Internet of Things technology. The system realized the intelligent management and control of urban lighting while saving energy consumption to the greatest extent, became one of China's green development models.

This project is currently the largest NB-IoT street light project in Anhui Province, and it is also a key project for Maanshan City to explore smart city development. There are a total of 32,000 street lights in urban areas,, covering 142 main and secondary roads in the city. Except for some newly-built road sections where LED street lights are installed, most of the road sections were using high-pressure sodium lamps as the light source. With the increase of service life, light decay of the high-pressure sodium lamps have become more and more serious, the illuminance has decreased, the damage and repair rate has become higher and higher, and the energy consumption has continuously increased. In the process of accelerating the pace of urban modernization and increasing demand for lighting, the energy consumption of urban lighting has become an important part of the city's energy consumption.
FondaCity, a smart city platform based on smart lighting and smart infrastructure. It can remotely control the street lights and monitor the operation status of the lights in real time, and greatly reduces the daily inspection expenses by improving the maintenance efficiency with the functions required by the daily operation of the street lights such as asset management and dispatching tickets. With high concurrency and high throughput data processing capabilities, FondaCity has achieved stable and reliable transmission in the uplink and downlink communication with more than 30,000 IOT nodes, getting ready for the subsequent smart city construction to access millions of nodes.

After the retrofitting of the project, the city’s comprehensive electricity saving rate can reach over 45%, saving more than 10 million RMB in financial electricity bills per year, 17.4423 million kilowatt-hours of energy, which is equivalent to saving 6976.9 tons of standard coal annually and reducing 17,400 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.
Fonda tech aggregates the smart street lights of Ma'anshan City into a huge connected network , based on the Internet of Things technology. It uses a state-in-art management platform to sort and distribute the big data , collected and returned by the street lights in the city to realize all-round real-time control of urban lighting. It combined the newest smart lighting technology with other new-generation information technologies including 5G, Internet of Things, big data to build 10 sets of smart poles demonstration sites in the central city of Ma'anshan. The smart pole integrated 5G based stations, cameras,  LED dispiay, WiFi and broadcast system which improve the level of urban intelligent services effectively.
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