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Street Lighting Case
Luzetai viaduct Lighting project
On December 28, 2020, the Luzetai viaduct with Fonda smart lighting solution was successfully powered on. The viaduct uses 3485 smart nodes and 44 sets of concentrators. Its main line is 21 kilometers in length that currently the longest highway steel structure viaduct in China. It takes only 15 minutes to complete the whole journey, shorting the travel time by 75%. It greatly meets the traffic demand of 3 million people along the line and promotes the integration of NingBo and WenZhou city. 

LED street lights and a smart lighting system were deployed in the project, as both the brightness level and energy-saving were prioritized at the same level. Every LED light is equipped with a smart lamp controller, which provides consistent and on-demand lighting through dimming. It not only improves the visibility for safe driving but also reduces energy consumption and extends the service life of the lamp significantly. It reports the device status and malfunction to the civil workers by real-time detection on every light and power grid. Therefore the periodic inspection work, fault maintenance, and energy repair could be done in a more efficient way, saving labor cost and increasing lighting satisfaction.

The smart light platform used in this project is a central management software independently developed by Fonda. It is a cloud-based platform with advanced communication and easy integration with a third-party platform, which can monitor individual luminaries up to millions of lamp nodes. Its strong flexibility and stability could be suitable for any size of cities and be applied to street lighting, facade lighting, solar lighting, tunnel lighting, and smart poles. In particular, the modules of energy monitoring and alarm are favored by the market and are widely used in the construction of smart cities and smart lighting.
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