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Street Lighting Case
Smart Lighting Project in Spain

In recent years, Spain has been focusing on improving urban infrastructure and ecological environment and making efforts in building low-carbon and intelligent modern cities. 17,000 pcs of Fonda lamp controllers have been deployed on street lights of Jaen in Spain. With Fonda's smart lighting control system, lighting fixtures could be managed and controlled remotely. Safety and reliability of street lighting systems were improved and urban lighting management was also fully optimized with remote control through PC and smartphone. Lighting system after retrofitting, could reduce more than 65% of street light energy consumption in the city.

Fonda's PLC(Power line communication) smart lighting solution is applied in this project. PLC is classic smart lighting solution with some advantages compared to wireless communication solutions. Requiring no new cables, PLC allows communication signal unobstructed when passing walls, corners or even traveling underground.

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