LoRaWAN Lamp Controller Zhaga

Lamp controller with Zhaga interface, standard LoraWAN communication. Remotely turn ON/OFF, dimming(DALI2.0), photocell, Lamp failure detection, 12-24VDC, 2W, IP65.
- 4-pin Zhaga book 18 interface, plug and play.
- Remotely turn ON/OFF.
- Photocell and time based auto control.
- DALI 2.0 protocol, work with D4i and Philips SR series driver .
- Remote reading of electricity data: current, voltage, power, power factor and consumed energy.
- Auto-reporting electrical parameters and total energy, remote resetting.
- Lightning protection.
- Lamp failure detection and automatic notification for alarms .
- Optional sensor: GPS, tilt detection, RTC.
- Support integration with 3rd party LoraWAN gateway.
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