LTE Lamp Controller Box Type

Solar lamp controller that work with solar charge controller, using 4G network.
 - Support LTE FDD, LTE TDD, WCDMA, and GSM Mode.
 - TCP protocol, remotely connect to the server.
 - Built-in relay, support remote control & automatic timing control.
 - Support dimming interface: 0-10V and DALI.
 - Built-in power meter supports remotely reading real-time status and parameters like voltage, current, power, energy, etc.
- Support recording and burning hours and therefore estimate the lifetime of lamps.
 - Dimming interface: realize the LED lamp power regulation.
- Automatically report failure notification to the server, and all trigger thresholds are configurable.
 - Built-in RTC, support scheduled tasks.
 - Tilt Detection: lamp post tilt alarm.

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