MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Item No.: FONDA-SCM Series
Combining wireless communication technology, lithium battery charging function and boost constant current into one, integrates solar MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking) charging.
 - Management and LED boost constant current drive.
 - Suitable for lead-acid battery, lithium battery, gel battery.
 - MPPT is adopted, which has higher tracking efficiency and faster speed.
 - Low static power consumption and sleep current.
 - Constant voltage charging of lead-acid battery with multi stage temperature compensation.
 - Programmable load power and time control in 10 time periods.
 - Protection on battery charge and discharge with high and low temperature, working temperature can be set.
 - The control algorithm of digital boost constant current with high precision, is high efficient and precise on constant current.
 - Protection of Battery / PV reverse connection, LED short circuit /open circuit /power limit.
 - According to the residual capacity of lithium battery, the power of load can be adjusted automatically, which can extend the lighting time by 90% more than common controller. 
 - Support remote light ON/OFF and dimming, remote modification of lithium battery and load parameters.
 - It can expand the function of human body detection.
 - Waterproof IP68 .
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