Street Smart Pole

Item No.: sp01
8m Q235 Pole, 120W LED street light with smart node, weather station, 1980*1080@30fps HD Camera, 21.5 inch LED display, public help terminal, broadcasting speaker, WiFi, 220VAC EV charing pile.
Fonda street smart pole is available for environments with different climate, with its waterproof, dustproof, anti- corrosion and lightning protection design.

1. Smart Lighting
 LED lamp with smart node provides adaptive lighting according to the traffic and pedestrian flow or different time period.

2. Environment Monitoring
Environment sensor detects air quality, wind, temperature and noise, which data can be used in residents alerts, pollution monitoring, winter road maintenance supporting, driver’s alert and so on.

3. Camera
The camera provides live stream video for surveillance monitoring, making the city safer, and also expands to specific applications like collecting traffic and pedestrian data, traffic violation, smart parking, face recognition and so on.

4. Broadcasting speaker
 It is used to broadcast background music, emergency alert and public announcement with automatic task setting remotely. 

5. LED Display
It is able to provide citizen service such as traffic guiding, emergency alert notification and public information, and commercial advertising with dynamic event and holiday promotion.

6. Public Help Terminal
Two-way conversation between citizen and call center via voice and video ensures quick response in emergency.

7. EV Charging Pile
The charging pile for electric vehicle uses power grid of street light, and the operation status of the charging pile could be monitored in Smart Pole Management System.

8. Wireless AP
The wireless AP provides free or charged WiFi hotspot service to the citizen.


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