Zigbee Lamp Controller Box type

Item No.: FONDA- LCU12Z-LR
A lamp controller linked with LED driver, communicate with RTU by RF-mesh. Remotely turn ON/OFF, dimming(0-10V/DALI),automatically report, Failure detection, 96-264VAC, 2W, IP66.
 - Remotely turn ON/OFF, built-in 16A relay.
 - It supports dimming interface: PWM and 0-10V.
 - Failure detection: lamp failure, power failure, over voltage, over current, under voltage.
 - Automatically report failure notification to server and all trigger thresholds are configurable
 - Built-in power meter, it supports remotely read real-time status and parameters like voltage, current, power and energy, etc.
 - Built-in RTC, it supports scheduled tasks.
 - Optional: GPS and tilt detection.
 - Lightning protection.

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