Shanghai CPC Party and Government Delegation inspect Yunxi Town in Hangzhou

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Update time : 2017-12-08 21:17:00
Yunqxi Town is one of the first 37 characteristic towns created in Zhejiang Province. The delegation listened to “City Brain” status in Hangzhou, the smart city platform performs real-time analysis of the whole city and automatically allocate public resources via artificial intelligence technology. Now it has been running in transportation and other fields in Hangzhou.

Dr. Song, president of Fonda Technology, introduced smart street lighting system to Shanghai CPC Party and Government Delegation during their inspection journey in Yunxi Town of  Hangzhou.
Fonda, as a partner of Yunxi Town, has provided a smart lighting control system which is seamlessly compatible with NB-IoT/LoRa/GPRS/4G multiple network solutions.
Smart street lighting is the key to building public cloud computing data centers. Smart transportation, traffic flow monitoring, smart parking, video monitoring, pollution monitoring, public emergency service and public cloud computing centers can break the original fragmentation of various functional systems in the city, prevent redundant construction of resources, and improve resource utilization rate.
Smart street lighting will be the first step of a smart city. There is no doubt that with the in-depth development of city brain, smart cities will come sooner or later, and smart lighting will be given more capabilities.
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